Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One month since publicaion

The book has been out for about a month now and seems to be selling well, at least for a book that is very specialised. We have had one published review which liked the book and recommended it for anyone involved in the fruit business.

A few companies have bought licences which is petty cool.

I have been working with a juice company that wants to create a functional juice, so I'm getting a chance to put some of the ideas in the book into action. If everything works well, they will create a new product category in the juice market and show that it is possible to create a superfruit that is not based on something wild and exciting, but that can still wear the superfruit tag.

It would be great to get a debate going on the Six Elements - do people agree with these? Do they make sense? Or do readers think that there is another definition of a superfruit?

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PMG said...

Let's list your six factors determining a superfruit.

I have tried to cover all the bases in the Wikipedia article, coming up with 16 defining characteristics, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superfruit#Working_definition

Please critique these and then let's zero in on your 6.

Thanks. Paul